About Us

BusinessHelpandAdvice.com was started during the pandemic to provide independent advice and guidance to directors and owners of small and medium-sized businesses allowing  entrepreneurs to share their experiences, and learn from one another.

That is still the essence of our website today, as a media company our aim is to be the leading resource of inspiration and help for those entrepreneurs trying to grow their business.

BusinessHelpandAdvice.com is quickly becoming a must read webiste for businesses with a high reputation for its coverage of subjects. It deals with issues of relevance to almost all organisations, especially start ups, growing and professional firms. Its established readership figures have grown week on week since its inception with Google Analytics now showing 50,000 monthly new users.

Entrepreneurship is all about connections. We want to promote you to other new entrepreneurs and successful entrepreneurs who have fought the good fight through the startup challenges to success.

BusinessHelpandAdvice.com assists these entrepreneurs by providing them with the essential advice and help they require to develop and grow and to increase profitability.